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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2005|05:17 pm]
[thinking |bouncywoot woot BOUNCY MOOD]
[inspiration moment |Srry ms. Jackson]

Someone Annoys The Hell Out Of Me And Erin!
but the persons name will stay ANNONOMUS!!!!

love Always,
Courtney aka

xoxox i love you tim xoxox

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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2005|10:19 am]
[thinking |mischievousmischievous]
[inspiration moment |BROWN EYE'D GIRL!]

    Today/tonight is Friday March 4th 2005. Today was an entertaining day that’s for sure. I started off the day going to school, I got there and did my normal thing in the morning. Then I caught up with my boyfriend and he walked me to my team time, awwww how cute<3 then I went to English with Tinnervain where I met up with Alli. We went down to the nurse to get some “Midol” and met up with my boyfriend, it was a DATE w/ Alli. We all hung out in there talking and laying on the beds. We were waiting for Alli’s “RICE-PAD!” Tim being the gentle man he is, he got it for her. Then Ms. B decided to kick us out of there, Tim stayed. We went back to English, I gave Alli her HYPER water.. woot woot. Then we had to sit and listen about something boring, obviously we weren’t paying any attention what so ever, but you kno that’s ok! Then we had to write a stupid writing prompt about integrity and we both looked at each other cause we had people in mind to write about. Ha! Well okay fast forward till after school now!… Alli and I got on to her bus, went to her house, hung out there till we went to “WHEN PIG A WIGGLIES FLY!!”--so says Alli, haha. We got my shit for her house, and the movies. Went to Hannaford’s to get make-up and some other shit. Back to Alli’s house we go. OMG OMG, I FORGOT ABOUT THE BANK WE GOT LOLLY-POPS..

    “ill let you lick the lolly-pop go ahead girl don’t you stop, keep going till you hit the spot, oww” {ANYWAYS.} then we got back to Alli’s talked on the phone with friends, put fake nails on and started laughing about only god knows what we we’re laughing so freakin hard we almost pee’d our pants twice. Haha. Then we made plans to go to the movies with Tim, and {oudfhuh} we saw, ‘BE COOL’ wow, we didn’t kno it was a stupid sequel to another movies, but that’s okay, we didn’t need to pay attention ; - )

    After the movies we went and hung out in the lobby till Alli’s mother came and got us, then we said our good-byes, and we went in the car…and went to WENDY’S. haha…went back to Alli’s obviously, and chatted in Alli’s room on her bed till we heard “brown eye‘d girl” ring tone playing and it was ALLI’S CELLPHONE. So then we talked on the phone with that person till my phone rang and it was Erin we talked for awhile then she let me go. Then about 10-20 mins later, mr. Timothy called me. Alli was on her phone and I was on mine, we were switching phones like every 5 mins haha, someone was trying to get Alli to sneak out. But it was too cold! Hmmmm then Alli got off the phone, and I was still on the phone with tim till about 1:00? He kept falling asleep, Alli kept dozing off too, I was giving her a back massage and um yeah haha. So then basically Alli and I just talked till we were dead. {anyways} that was our WONDERFUL DAY/NIGHT…xoxo <3 Tim <3 I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! Mwah!

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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2005|11:47 pm]
[thinking |sillythats me and alli!! xoxox]
[inspiration moment |Kenny Chesney... There Goes My Life]

~*Chillen At Dumbass's house!*~

Hmmm, what did I do today? I woke up, talked on-line...played some Battle-Ship with Tim, Alli and Dustin {tried to bring my ratting up but, ya kno that didn't go over so well.} Then I decided to go to Alli’s house…we’re I did her make-up cuz shes a dumbass!! Haha hense the name… WELL THEN GUESS WHAT!! We finally made plans, hehe, yeah I got to see TIM! Alli picked the movie, hahaha, chick flick, The wedding Date. So cute, yet so not…”I THINK I JUST CUMMED!!” oh god, that was priceless! So Tim, me, Alli and {oudfhuh} went to the movies! J Then Alli’s mother came and got us, and we went to WAL-MART!! We got gum and some more gum. Haha Then we were walking around in the parking lot, and Alli was pushing this cart, well the cart thingy and these collage guys looked like right at our eyes and you could totally tell they were checking us out. Haha. Then we came back to Alli’s once again, and we versed Tim in some more Battle-Ship. That was entertaining. We called TIM we made him play Mash Rap and he’s rich, so HA! He drives a BMW! Woot woot, so wouldn’t mind fucking him in that!! Hahahahahaha anyways…good times dumbass good times. Then we got off the phone with Tim, short convo tonight, unfortunately and we called a special friend! Name unmentioned! Hehe well now we’re on line…UPDATING and talking to people. Sooooo WE LOVE YOU ALL…XOXOXOXOXOXO. Good night!
Love always,
Courtney--blondie!! Mwaaahh

Tim I love you.. Xoxoxoxoxox<3<3<3<3<3

-Leave Lotts Of Cutte Comments-

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2005|12:42 am]
[thinking |hornyhappy,hyper and horny ha alli]
[inspiration moment |Save a horse!! RIDE A COWBOY!! woohoo i got a cowboy.. xoxo]

-*-Tonight Was Sex Talk With Dumbass-*-

*He Says:
I Love You (after Sex) he means that thing you just did with your pelvis rocked HIS WORLD!!!!!

-His Tounge-
If he leads the way with a wide open mouth and lots of tounge he's -Passionate-.. (which is so true)

Now Onto The Ass!!!
HIS SHAPE: The upper quadrants of the butt are fleshier then the bottom areas-great for grabbing onto in the act.

HIS PERSONAILITY: These men are looking for an emotional connection with woman. As a result, their sex sessions tend to be soft, sweet and senuous..A warning though: They're very sensitive, so handle with care.

I Hope Everyone enjoys reading this!! woot Woot!!
love always,
-ms nutt-

Tonight was a good night.. xoxo i love you dumbass!!! you know i wanna fuck you!! haha good times good times!!


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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2005|07:31 pm]
[thinking |boredblah blah blah nothing to do]

Song Of The Night:

*Whiskey Lullaby*
by: Brad Paisley

ill write later tonight.. kk xoxo leave me cutte ones anyway!


I Love you tim.. xoxox<3<3

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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2005|12:09 pm]
[thinking |energeticdancing mood]
[inspiration moment |Nodboy Knows. nelly]

No More Burping For Me!!
HAHA Tiffany.. sry didnt mean to burp so much.. xoxox love yas!!

Love Always,


xoxox i love you tim xoxox

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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2005|03:46 pm]
[thinking |confusedim lost about a few things..]
[inspiration moment |In My Life]

"In My Life"
Yo, Turn the mic up
I haven't been in here in 5 years
And keep the lights on
We got company

[Nelly talking]
Uh Uh
I don't think they gon' really understand this one right herre man
Not at all, not at all
We got a special guest in the house tonight
Who is that?
But first* Ohhh

You see Nelly ain't the one that'll pay for your phone
Way you lookin ma
I might just pay for your home
Right out the ceremony give you the throne
Put you somewhere you know birds cant come

I don't wanna be your man boo
I wanna be the one
To get inside your brain
And give you my last name
I swurr I can change
I put that on er'rything
You aint happy while happy wit me boo
Then gimme the blame
Different color ring for erryday of the week
You can go on and set it up for me n pops to meet
Cuz I'ma ask him for you hand
And show that I'm a man
(What if he say that you cant)
I'ma tell him my plans because

Me and u was meant to be as one now
Me and u we gon have sum fun now
Me and u from sun up to sun down
Me and u that's one thing I know for sure

I still luv u
I still want u
I still need you
in my life
in my*
(this gon be real fun)
(you might know him as)
I think ima let you introduce yourself

[Ma$e] one man one cat made to win
[Nelly] I heard your hear to change the game again
[Ma$e] Mason Betha heaven sent
[Nelly] No game can change what you represent

You cant call me with no money that I never spent
They don't make planes to go where I never went
I aint gotta keep sinning to keep spinnin
I prefer pink dice and peach linen
I teach these women what they in the shirt for
Search yours, find out you really worth more
I change your esteem
You was made for a king
Do he really love you?
He ain't give you a ring
I e-rase the hate
That made you mean
Got you 20 lookin' 50
And you only 18
Then ya slate clean
It's not a fake dream
Bye bye hatas
We off for high hatas

I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
In my life
In my*
(They gon be mad at this one lil derrty)

[Break - Nelly]
Me and you was meant to be as one now
Me and you we gon have sum fun now
Me and you from sun up to sun down
Me and you that's one thing I know for sure

[Avery Storm]
So girl, tell me is there something I can do to see you
Maybe you can make a lil time for me to meet u
I just gotta tell u what I'm goin' through
Gotta let u know I still love you
theres so many things I wanna share with you
so much is there to make me miss you
for what its worth girl
I swear its truth
girl I wanna let u know

I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
In my life
In my*

I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
In my life
In my*
(It's Fo Reel)
(Ain't no way we should be on the same track lil derrty)

^Good Song Ever^

Love Always,


Tim I Love You babes... xoxoxoxox <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2005|08:13 pm]
[thinking |hornyhappy,hyper and horny!! xox]

              -*-Happy Valentines Day-*-

I hope everyone had a great one!!! mine as perfect.. i got a valentine girft from my boyyfriend!! love him soooo much.. xoxoxoxox|
This was the first year i had a valentine!! I LOVE IT..  i loved how i got my gift.. my baby came into my study and gave it to me with a kiss!! aww so cute
I also got a valentine from:

Woot Woot i love all my friends.. sorry people im trying to stay in a good mood for as long as i can!! cuz ive been kinda down lately and i still am in all but i just wanna be a cheerful person cuz i normally am!! umm anywho..

starting from Saturday night at the dance! i had a good time i hung out with alot of people that night.. except all my friends are in different groups so i had to jump around from group to group but you kno what thats ok!! cuz no one really minded.. umm yeah so i hope everyone who was there had a awesome time also!! my bean and yahoo looked goregous that night and so did jenn,alli,tiffany, sara,emily,jocelyn!! love my gurls.. xoxox
Alli, tiffany,erin,jenna, jenn- thanks for being there for me!! i love being alble to go to you guys and be able to talk and i know for a fact that our converating isnt going to be going anywhere!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH<3<3<3<3


Tim- i love you alloott!! im so happy being with you.. xoxxoxo thanks for telling me that youll always here there for me.. that really helps me alot!! cuz knowing i can come to you about anythin is great!! I LOVE TALKING TO YOU.. i miss our late night calls.. o well maybe we can talk soon.. love you babes!! and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.. i hope you enjoyed your cookie!! tehe.. i did the little design on it.. woot woot!! im so good with frosting.. nott..

umm well like i said earlier IM TRYING to stay happy!! so dont put me down anyone  please.. umm i hope everyone enjoyed this entry.. leave me lottts of cutte comments.. xoxoxo
Love Always,


P.S I LOVE YOU BABES.. xoxox<3<3<3<3



<3Happy Valentines Day<3


                                                                          *Love Is In The Air*

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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2005|10:22 pm]
[thinking |sadi dunno]

i dunno anymore Tomorrows valentines day and im i dunno!! not in a happy mood -nut-
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2005|11:30 pm]
[thinking |confusedi love you tim]

I love you Tim!!! My love for you is unexplainable.. xoxoxo<3<3<3

I had a blast at the dance... I fixed a few things so im all good.. I LOVE EVERYONE!! I LOVE MY FRIEND



xoxoxoxooxo i have so much love to give out..

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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2005|07:59 pm]
[thinking |touchedi love you tim g!!! xox kisses]
[inspiration moment |hope- twista.. feat- faith evans]

I woke up at 5:00am this morning and the power had went outt.. it was so freaky cuz I opened my door and I couldn’t see a damn thing.. but anywho after a minute or two my parents got up and we went to the kitchen and lit candles!! Then my mommy told me to go back to bed so I did that.. then I was left home alone around 7:30.. wooho but I was still sleeping.. then I got up again around 8:40 and I noticed the power came back on!1 thank god.. lol  then later I just chilled around the house and I talked to jenna and erin most of the day. But I talked to jenna like all day cuz I love her soo much! So many good times gurl.. lol.. anyway I saw this one guy sitting in his truck in my driveway and he came to my house twice and whenever I went to ope my door he took off.. I was like hmm this guy obviously doesn’t want me seeing who it is.. lol anyway. I feel like shit right now!! Im kinda sick.. I got what beans got and she got hers from jenna!! Hmm lol love you gurls.. xox anyways on to other things!! Haha umm theres a guy out there that’s been like harassing me and calling me every minute of the day and its starting to piss me off!! Im not going to mention his name.. but I DON’T LIKE YOU LIKE THAT AND WE”RE DONE!! IM NOT GUNNA GO OUT WITH YOU.. im sorry im happy with my boyfriend that I have right now!! Thank you very much!! And no matter how hard you try or how much you threaten me im not going to go out with you.. what part of that don’t you understand?? Answer that for me.. umm yeah anyway so now im just sitting in my room listening to music and worrying about a friend of mine who I think is make wrong choices!! If you read this I kno you probably don’t believe me but I do care about you!! Im not gunna sit on my ass and watch you do bad shit to yourself, I will do sumthing about it!! So do me a favor and please listen to me!! You might actually learn something.. but anyway umm today is my one month anniversary with tim!! OMG lol.. its been a great month and im hopeing there will be more good times to come! Woohoo.. im gunna have to go outside and fucking shovel soon!! Ewew I hate shoveling it’s the one thing I hate about snow!! It ruines my life.. ahhhh!! And then if I fall on my ass and my dads drives by in his truck he calls and laughs at me!! NOT NICE.. yeah love you to dad..  but yeah im not sure wat else there is to tell you people.. just leave me lotts of comments!! Cuz I know you all love me.. well atleast most of you.. haha hope I didn’t bore you..

Love always,

-*-ms. Nutt-*-


P.s Tim G. I Love You times infinity..

-         My love for you is unexplainable.. –

             You’re the Bestest.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3<3

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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2005|03:40 pm]
[thinking |cheerfullalala singin to yahoo]
[inspiration moment |lets go]

Blah Blah



Im Not Listening



Love Always,

-ms. nutt-


p.s. I Love You Tim!! omg Thursday= our 1 month!! woot woot.. xoxoxo kisses***

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